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Hello Dears :)

i got a week ago got some big GACKT collections ♥

Thats why i have many things doubled and search for new homes for thoose lovely goods:) i have not enough place
to keep them all xD and shipping was really expensive Q.Q Ands christmas is near damnit XD

Shipping woud be from Germany, shipping cots are not included, please let me know when you are interested in something :)

If you are not from Germany you will need Paypal and if you are from outside of japan i have to add the paypal receving fee.
You have to send in Euro, its really simple on Paypal :)

I have not yet for all Goods prices, so feel free to ask me for prices or make me a good offer ;)

I will add all things i sell as fast as i can :)

Have fun going through the goods ^__^

Things which are on hold :

Single Flower, Fanclub version with different cover and Special extra Fotocard, REALLY RARE! 27 euro on hold to @

Fanclub card holder, RARE! 8 euro on hold to @tigerxbutterfly

Kagen no Tsuki movie calendar starring Hyde , 20 Euro *on hold* on face book @jess chizuru


Really Rare GACKT eneru fanclub card game , vhp 30 Euro

Moon Saga novel, 22 Euro only 1 left!

10616708_868786816474930_6549354556808379205_n10846400_868786983141580_7516462713380349663_nonly one of each left!
10850136_868787029808242_4672482479229881409_ntwo left!

Button, 4 Euro

GACKT diabolos keychain, rare! , 17 euro

Orico collector photo cards, the back side is a puzzle peace , if you have all the puzzle is complete, each 5 Euro

Less <= 5 Euro:

promotion tissues 3 Euro

First press Bonus fotocard, 4 euro

book mark 4 Euro

First press Bonus fotocard, 4 euro

Sticker Set, 4 euro

Love Letter set, each 5 Euro

Larc en ciel button 5 Euro

the seventh night firstpress bonus, 5 euro

Fuji Film /GACKT foto album
, 5 Euro

5 euro

Orico fotocards, RARE! each 5 Euro

Kimi ni aitakute postcard 5 euro

mini calendar each 5 Euro

Diaoblos Postcards/Fotocards each 5 euro

Fuurin kazan postcard 5 euro

mini calendar fotocard, 3,50 euro

3 euro

Flyers: each around 3,50 and 4 euro, if you want something let me know and i tell you exact price :)

6th day promotion collection cards, each 4 euro

bookmarks, each 4 euro

clock, 4,50 Euro

Keycharm, 5 Euro

anyared keychain with moon project symbol , 5 euro

Less than  <= 10 Euro

orico Mastercard keychain
, 6 Euro

, 6 euro

Keychain, 6 euro

Keychain, 6 euro

Fanclub fotocard
, REALLY RARE! 7 euro

Hokuto Premium Recipe book, 8 euro

promotion good RARE! 8 euro

Fanclub Magnet sticker, each 9 euro

Moonchild poster with GACKT and Hyde, 10 euro

Less than <= 20 Euro

Oasis single 12 Euro

Love Letter Single 12 Euro

Seki Ray Single 12 Euro

Blackstone Single 12 Euro

Tsuki no Uta Single 12 Euro

Luna/ Oasis Single 12 Euro

Fanclub Magazine*rare, each 15 Euro

6th day and 7th night tour good  Oasis keychain, RARE! 15 euro

12 gatsu no love song simgles, each 15 Euro

fanclub magazines globals *rare* each 20 euro

each 20 euro

Less than <= 30 Euro

Single Lost Angels , Fanclub version with different cover, REALLY RARE! 23 euro

Diabolos pamplet, RARE! 25 euro

DRUG PARTY pamplet, RARE! 25 euro

Moon Child pamplet, RARE! 25 euro

Redemption dvd + cd , 25 Euro

Tsuki no uta dvd, 25 euro

Secret garden singloe limeted version, RARE! 25 euro

Kagen not tsuki Tour pamplet, RARE! , 25 euro

6th day and 7th night Tour pamplet, RARE! 25 euro

Crescent photobook, 25 Euro

Just bring it live tour 2002 Photobook with really big poster, 30 euro

Kagen no tsuki and jougen no tsuki tour book ( 1 big book) 30 euro

The gift Photobook, 30 euro

Greatest Filmography Red and Blue, comes in jewel case, RARE! each 30 Euro

More than 30 Euro

Diablos in Korea Dvd, RARE! 40 euro

Jougen no Tsuki dvd, 40 euro

Kagen no Tsuki dvd, 40 euro

Diabolos SACD version album, really big album comes with a big booklet and big Diabolos Poster, REALLY RARE! , 45 euro

Air Moon Photobooks in a beautieful box :) 45 euro

Fuurin Kazan Dokumentary dvd, Fanclub version, comes with big booklet and beautieful postcard set, REALLY RARE! VHP 60 Euro

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Nice stuff you have.. but most of it I either have already or have no use for it at all. Sadly the photobook I am searching for is not with those items.

thank you dear :) No problem at all ^_^

I found somethings i have doubled and not yet listed,
postcardsand other things

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